Software and Languages, Inc.


Silicon Valley industry player with a proven track record spanning more than 20 years


Software and Languages, Inc. (SAL) was established in 2000 as a one-stop language service and consulting firm for the Japanese localization of software products. Our main office is in San Jose, California, and we also consult on localization quality assurance for multilingual projects. Our experts provide comprehensive localization services for software developers in many different software industries.


Vast knowledge in business communications between a variety of languages and cultures


As QA consultants, our experience covers a wide range of languages beyond English and Japanese, including a number of European languages, Asian languages, and Arabic Languages. We supply developers, managers, testers, marketing staff, and support staff from all over the world with essential information needed to bridge any technical or cultural gaps. This facilitates productive communication and improves the efficiency of each localization project to the benefit of everyone involved.


technichal Knowledge that evolves along with the market


The trust and reliance of our existing clients are the greatest testaments to the quality of our localization service. This has also given us the opportunity to be deeply involved a substantial number of long-term projects with constantly evolving technologies. Needless to mention, our translators and QA staff continue to utilize the updated knowhow gained from their experience to maintain the highest standard of technical translation possible in every project they undertake.