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Software and Languages, Inc.

Software and Languages (SAL) 

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, SAL has been helping multinational corporations and startups in many industries internationalize their software successfully for more than 20 years. Our services go beyond conventional localization. We draw from a reservoir of knowledge built on past experience to provide versatile solutions addressing the linguistic and cultural differences that arise when localizing software from its original language into another. When integrated with robust network of developers, testers, support staff, and product users of all languages, nationalities, and regions, the end result is always a polished piece of product ready to meet the wide-ranging needs of the global market.


Our Mission

A quality translation is but one of the ingredients of successful software localization. Seemingly minor details that contribute to stress and friction in the development are often overlooked. These can arise from cultural and background differences or misunderstandings such as calendar dates and time zones. Developers and testers may often hold different views on matters such as software quality and scheduling as well. The SAL philosophy is to make products widely available to as many users in as many countries as possible. To that end, we are committed to helping our clients navigate around any such cultural obstacles during the localization process.


Localization QA management

Localization quality assurance is a process that cannot be fully automated with the usual software QA methods. This is because the text is often extracted from its original context to be translated. A linguist or marketing staff who is competent in the target language must then verify the translation when it is reinserted back into the UI. Testers in charge of checking translated UI may not always have the same level of technical skill or knowledge as product developers and QA staff. SAL helps them overcome this challenge by bridging the technical and cultural gap between international developers and testers through the development of integration test cases that can be understood and handled by testers of all technical levels. Additionally, we offer technical support during testing, conduct bug analysis and reports, manage progress, and deploy other practical functions as needed.


Japanese Localization

SAL started out as a provider of high-quality Japanese localization to software companies in Silicon Valley. Although our services have since grown to include the consultation and management of localization work in other languages, high-quality Japanese software localization based on an intimate knowledge of the latest software technologies remains a core part of our business. The trust and reliance we continue to receive from loyal, longstanding clients is a testament to our proficiency in the craft. Our full range of Japanese localization services includes essentials like software and manual translation as well as software-related localization quality assurance, among others.

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